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Our ENRICHMENT CENTRES in Port Elizabeth are located in New Brighton, Kleinskool, Bloomendal, Walmer and Kwazakhele Townships.
In Cape Town, we are in Phillipi, Crossroads, Nyanga, New Cross & Langa areas.
We have 2 Centres in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.
In Uganda, we are based in Lusaze.
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April 2012 - Update

Since sending our last report in September 2011 there has been several praise worthy developments for which we are eternally grateful to God for HIS faithfulness, and we are thankful to our partners for their commitment to House of Wells through financial, prayer and moral support.


  • Early in the year we asked for feedback from HOW members of staff and we got several praise report ranging from how gun violence and house robberies has reduced in the community because of specific prayers of the children from the H.O.W Centre in that area. Our staff received reports from parents and teachers about the change noticed in children's behaviour… Halleluyah!…the precious times of prayer of the H.O.W team every Thursday is producing great testimonies in these families. All manner of deliverance, emotional healing and breakthrough are being experienced by every single member of staff of House of Wells.

  • The most thrilling thing for us and the H.O.W staff is the spiritual growth we see in the children, it’s such a special privilege to begin to see a glimpse of the impact of the seed of the word of God in the lives of children as young as nine or ten years old. The other day I was in a Centre and asked the children ''why do we need Jesus'' I was given some answers that left me shouting YES! YES!! YES!!! & I was so encouraged about the level of revelation of the Truth in them because this is what will guarantee their freedom. It is the truth that they know that will set them free.

    We also encourage that they go back home, to their schools and communities to share this truth with whoever will listen to them, basically to shine the light of the truth wherever they see darkness. It is indeed very exciting!

  • From August 2011 the plan towards the End of Year House of Wells Party started in earnest, Kemi had a fund raising drive on facebook and she was able raise all the funds required for the Christmas party. Two weeks before the party a company (Marina Sea Salt in Port Elizabeth) that has always bought bibles for the H.O.W children called to ask how many bibles we needed for the children, we asked for 600 bibles which were flown into Port Elizabeth as there was not enough in the region.

  • We had quite a lot of gift towards the end of 2011 - 80 pairs of new school shoes were donated; food parcels from various Home Cells were given to families of children that attend our Centres, clothes, shoes, toys and books were also donated to the children. 


  • From the end of July 2011 Kemi spent time in England promoting H.O.W by doing speaking engagements, television interview, etc

  • In October, Waymarks a women’s ministry in the UK organised a fund raising event for H.O.W.

  • Among the many good things from the 2011 Christmas party was that a lot of offers for future support locally in South Africa for House of Wells emerged. Companies, Organisations, Church groups and individuals are becoming more aware of the work we are doing in their community.

  • As an outreach project a Home Cell in Harvest Christian Church is taking on the furnishing of a hall we've been given to use as our Centre in Bloomingdale. Items ranging from carpets, toys, books, soup bowls have been donated and families from the Home Cell went to visit the kids at the Centre and took food parcels to a home in the community. There we met three adults and a teenager with a baby and no one had a job in the household. We shared the good news of the Kingdom with them, led 3 of them to the Lord and prayed for them. The plan is to reconnect with the teenager and see how we can help her back to school or help her acquire skills needed for work. The whole meeting was such a humbling experience for everyone that day. We all left knowing that Heaven was pleased with us setting aside time to attend to other people’s issues.

  • We are looking into how to arrange the shipping of a container which we can use to transport items like toys, kids bicycles, clothes, school books etc. from the UK to South Africa. We would want people to come on board to help with this project either in the coordinating of the collection of items, to be liaison with the shipping company, etc. Basically in everything needed to facilitate the entire process of getting the container from the UK to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Please kindly let us know if you are able to assist in any way.

  • We have started to see a glimpse of what we believe God has told us regarding establishing HOW centres in other cities and neighbouring nations. At the moment, we are beginning to work on launching H.O.W in neighbouring nations starting with Zimbabwe. Also the City of East London here in South Africa is being prepared by the hand of God for House of Wells Enrichment Centres to commence there. As we write, much prayer is being focused on this next stage.

  • We started the 4-7 year olds reading classes in the last quarter of 2011, as we believe God wants us to catch the children even younger than we have done in the past. We've also started the H.O.W Saturday Club for teenagers in 3 townships where we are aiming to reach more teenagers and youth in those communities and start to address specifically, issues that apply to their age group. This was borne out of the fact that quite a number of House of Wells children are moving into Secondary Schools and we are aware that the issues they contend with would be different and it’s only appropriate that we continue to have an input into their lives. We are really expectant that God will greatly use this initiative to transform more families, Schools and communities. 

  •  Preparations have started for the 2012 young people’s mission Outreach to South Africa. We are having a number of young people from the UK come out for 2 to 3 weeks in June just to serve and love on the less privileged. It is always a blessing and a privilege for both ''the served'' and ''the servers''. The result is usually an awakening of these young people’s passion for missions.


It would be our honour if you will please join us in prayer regarding the list below:-

  1. That the Lord of the harvest will send anointed workers to H.O.W, those whose hearts the Lord has specially prepared to minister to children.

  2. That funding for the work will be divinely released.

  3. That the H.O.W children will continually desire the pure milk of the word, that they may grow in the grace and knowledge of God and that they will be firmly rooted, established and remain in Christ.

  4. That H.O.W will have favour and high esteem with God and man.

  5. That the protection of God will be around us, our staff members day and night as we go about the work in challenging areas of the community.

  6. That the lord will uphold, strengthen and help us as we labour in His vineyard.

On this note we want to thank every one of our Partners through whom God has enabled us to further His will and Kingdom. It is our prayer that He who never forgets our labour of love will continually reward you tremendously in Jesus’ mighty name AMEN.

Richard & Kemi Oyin-Adeniji
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Date Added: 2012-12-04

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