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Our ENRICHMENT CENTRES in Port Elizabeth are located in New Brighton, Kleinskool, Bloomendal, Walmer and Kwazakhele Townships.
In Cape Town, we are in Phillipi, Crossroads, Nyanga, New Cross & Langa areas.
We have 2 Centres in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe.
In Uganda, we are based in Lusaze.
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2011 Half Year Report

It is with great gratitude to God, and warm appreciation to all our partners that we send out this 2011 half year update. By His grace we have come through the first half of the year and last week on the 8th of August, House of Wells marked its 3rd year in South Africa. We are grateful to God for his faithfulness and we are thankful to our partners for their commitment to support the work that House of Wells is doing through financial, prayer and moral support.

The first half of the year 2011 for House of Wells saw a series of very interesting events.

Young Missionaries & Other Visitors to House of Wells

We mentioned in our last update that Hannah Schulze, an intern from a Bible School in England joined the House of Wells in October 2010. She completed her time with us in the third week of July and went back to Europe. I highly commend the video diary of her time which is on our Facebook page –

This video clip is a compilation of the 9 months she spent working with House of Wells and the other things she did. It is a testimony to the fact that if anybody is yielded to God He will enable them to be a blessing to countless souls.

The highlight for the House of Wells in the first half of this year was the number of visitors that came through to see and support the work. They brought a lot of excitement, encouragement and affirmation to all the children at our Centres. In February, we had Sarah Schulze from New York Metro Ministries, reputed to have the largest Children ministry in New York. Her input to House of Wells was invaluable and a blessing indeed. In April, Renate Schulze, (Hannah’s Mum) came from Germany to spend a couple of weeks with us.

In June, our son Richard and our daughter Annie came from the UK, to work with us in the townships, accompanying Annie were 4 of her under-graduate friends Pelumi, Michelle, Ayo and Claudia. For three weeks we had 7 young people (including Hannah), who were a bunch of blessing to the children and families that we minister to, although at the end, they all said they were more blessed and transformed by the experience themselves. At the end of their time in South Africa an indelible impact had been made on all of them, which we believe God will make use of mightily in time to come.

Expansion of House of Wells to other Cities outside Port Elizabeth

Few months ago by the leading of God to begin the expansion of the work into other cities, we went to explore/ make enquiries/ in another city about 4 hours drive from Port Elizabeth. Even though we knew no one in the city, God arranged a contact with a most appropriate missionary family working in the townships of the city. Their help in the various townships of the city was invaluable. We are currently praying about how to facilitate the HOW Enrichment Centres which will soon be established in that city.

Personal testimonies

On a personal note we have had quite a number of encouragement from our local church - in Port Elizabeth such as a group of men volunteering to pay for the fuel we use for the work, a group of ladies from home cells rotating the supply of dinner to our home once a week, monetary gift for Kemi and I to go for a “dinner and movies” evening out. These gestures have been uplifting and encouraging for us more than words can describe!

Also about 2 months ago, a Canadian Missionary that I met in Port Elizabeth gave me a car within ten minutes of meeting him as I shared the mandate of God for us to come specifically to Port Elizabeth and how God has sovereignly manifested His faithfulness to us in the 3 years that we have been in SA. He was amazed as he confirmed that God had told him the same thing about Port Elizabeth about 15 years ago, that the city will be a starting point for the fire of revival that was going to sweep through Africa. The meeting was indeed a God moment. The gift of a car was definitely an answer to prayer as we needed a second car to effectively cover the Centres between Kemi and I.

Other Ministry update & testimonies

One morning I received a call from one of our South African Trustees that someone had phoned him to ask if he knew of any Charity organisation that needs cash for their work and he recommended House of Wells as we had a huge bread bill to pay the Bakery that supplies our Centres. The company paid 10,000 Rand to the bakery towards the bill. It has also happened a number of times while in prayer and talking to God about provision for the ministry, that my phone will ring and the call will be a request for the House of Wells bank details. It’s just really encouraging every time this happens!

Many more opportunities are opening for us to minister in more Schools, not just to children but also to the teachers and staff of those schools, whereby we are given up to 40 minutes to share the word, worship and pray with the teachers. The meetings have been so filled with God's tangible presence that we were invited back time and again, with testimonies of answered prayers. The 7 young people with us in June were part of one of these meetings during their visit.

A community where the people have been touched by the love and care shown to them by House of Wells has requested that we start a bible study group in one of the shacks. This would be starting shortly. Someone has donated a number of bibles to be given to everyone who is part of the bible study!

Individual members of various home cells in Harvest Christian Church in Port Elizabeth donate food stuffs which we give as food parcels in homes where the House of Wells kids live.

Home Visits

As usual at House of Wells, we have a tremendous opportunity to reach not just homes but entire communities with the gospel of the kingdom of God and this is when we visit the kids where they live. The following is a summary of events during our recent Home Visits:-

  • Missing mum - Kemi and Hannah together with the Centre Leader, Thozama visited the home of 5 children (all under 11) whose mum was nowhere to be found for 2 weeks. They took some food items for the kids and cooked for them.
  • Kemi and I visited a home and led 5 adults (all unemployed) and a number of kids to Jesus. We also prayed for their needs. Few days later we received a testimony from one of the ladies, saying she got a job and that they have been encouraged to start praying daily as a family.
  • We visited an orphan who lives with her sister and there was a ''suggestion'' that the sister prostitute herself to survive, we were asked to pray for her.
  • We visited kids who have not been attending schools because they have no school shoes, uniform or haven’t paid their school fees. House of Wells was able to provide what they need.
  • We took clothes, shoes, blankets etc that were donated to House of Wells to families in dire and desperate need.
  • We gave food parcels to very needy families of the children that attend HOW every month.

Training & Development for House of Wells Staff:-
  • Reading Club training for all our staffs - May 2011. This course provides staff with necessary skills needed for effective reading sessions with the younger children that attend our Centres.
  • Computer training - June 2011. This is necessary for our Team Leaders who had no prior computer skills. The course will also enable them to train the children attending our Centres in basic computer skills.

Once again, we want to thank everyone who has played one role or the other in making all the above praise report possible, may the Lord never forsake you and as you have lent to God by your giving in numerous ways may the Faithful Lord greatly reward you in Jesus name.

Please visit our website - www.houseofwells.org and particularly our Facebook page for ongoing update, video clips and photographs.




Date Added: 2012-12-04

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