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2010 House of Wells (HOW) End of Year Report

At the end of July, after the world cup tournament we took the children from one of our centres (Walmer Centre) on an outing. They had a tour of the Airport which for a vast majority of them was the first time. The English Rugby team members were passing through on the day so we had photographs with them. We proceeded to the Beach for a picnic and rounds of various games.

In August, Kemi and I were back home in England to raise awareness for the House of Wells activities in South Africa. We had the opportunity to be in a number of churches in England, where we were warmly received and given the platform to share what we do in South Africa. The House of Wells as a ministry was blessed on every occasion with support from the Churches and individuals signing up to become partners. Whilst still in England, Kemi was invited to “SHE MATTERS” on Revelation TV to talk about The House of Wells activities. We were also contacted by another TV station who saw our promotional Video and wanted to run it on their TV station. One of the things we are really grateful to God for is the fact that for all the period that we were out of South Africa, all the centres were continuing to function and reports were being sent to us regularly. We thank God for faithful men and women whom God has chosen to labour with us in His vineyard.

In mid October I returned to South Africa and started back on the field the second day, I had truly missed the children in the various House of Wells Enrichment Centres. Within days of return several testimonies and challenges of the past couple of months started to surface. The recurring testimony from all the Centres was that there was a spiritual stirring among the children. What was amazing about this was that this move was not limited to just one centre, it was happening in the different Centres all over the City.

In the last week of October, the House of Wells welcomed its first Intern from Europe. Hannah Schulze is a young lady who had spent the last 2 years at the Kingdom Faith Bible School in England and now using her Third Year to be a blessing on the mission field, as she believes God wanted her to come specifically to South Africa to love children in need. Within the first week of her arrival she started to witness the move of God in such an awesome way. Below is an interesting account of an event:-

We visited a House of Wells Enrichment Centre in the Township of New Brighton and as we came into the room there was a real sense of God’s presence. During a worship song one of the girls started crying! So I asked Hannah to go up to her and just hold her!

She did that for a while, tears were just running down the little girl’s cheeks. When asked what was wrong she said nothing was wrong but the song just really touched her! Hannah explained to her that it was God working on her heart and that she should just let Him do it and enjoy His presence!

We left for another Centre in the township of Kwazakhele and while on our way, the HOW leaders from New Brighton called to say “something” was happening as more kids were crying!

We decided to return to the New Brighton Centre where I asked Hannah to pray and lead a worship song and the following was her report of the events that followed...... “I asked them to really reach out to God, to receive from the Holy Spirit! Together, we sang “Let it rain” over and over and something was released! God entered the room with His presence!

Lots of kids started crying and praying! The presence of God manifested in such a powerful way! This day marked the lives of those children forever! They will learn how to step deeper into the supernatural realm; they will make a difference where ever they go. Thank you Jesus for letting me be part of this.”

The same dimension of significant outpouring of God's presence was experienced in every of our Centres. We really sense that the Wells are beginning to spring forth. It’s our prayer that the river which subsequently emerges would touch the whole continent as God has spoken, in Jesus Name! Please continue to pray with us!!

Short video clips of these outpouring are available on our website (www.houseofwells.org) and facebook page (House of Wells Enrichment Centres).

It was actually at this meeting at New Brighton that Children said they would like us to take them out of the Township for the 2010 Christmas Party. They also expressed their desire to meet the children from the other House of Wells Centres. Kemi and I had been believing God for the 2010 Christmas party to be a joint one, despite the number of odds against us financially, logistically, time needed to plan such an event, availability of suitable venue etc.

We really had to take a step of faith and set a date for the party despite the fact that the things required were not available yet and to the glory of God everything that we required was supplied – venue, buses, party bags, food, drinks etc; as well as the 500 Bibles (in 3 languages) included in the party bags.

On the day, God was glorified yet again – about 500 children from 7 HOW Centres in 6 different Townships assembled in one venue, the Boardwalk in Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, to glorify His name, be entertained, fed and loaded with gifts for Christmas. Haleluyah !!!

The year 2010 was one that our faith was not only stretched but more importantly strengthened like never before. As such, we believe that we are better positioned to access all that Heaven has reserved for The House of Wells in 2011. It is our prayer that we will attain the fullness of God for us as a ministry.

Our specific instruction this year is to take more grounds for Christ and reach more children for Him. We ask all of our partners to join hands with us in fulfilling this mandate.

At this point, we want to offer our utmost gratitude yet again for the unrelenting support that all of our partners had given us. We pray that God would richly reward you immeasurably, in Jesus name, Amen!!

Richard and Kemi Oyin-Adeniji
House of Wells Enrichment Centres, South Africa

Please view some House of Wells 2010 Christmas party pictures on link below-

Video clip from the 2010 Christmas party -

Video clip of one of the significant moves of God at the Centres -

Another clip of the children’s experience of the Holy Spirit -

Date Added: 2011-01-30

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